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              • 圖片描述
              • 圖片描述

              Sunshot 4.9 Feet (1.5M) 3.5MM Universal Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable - Step Down Design white

              Product Info:
              • Model 2 in 1 Data Cable White
              • Price 7.99
              • Num 100
              Product Description :
              Compatibility: Cable is compatible with any brand MP3 player, phone, tablet, etc. that has a 3.5mm (1/8 in) audio jack (aux port). Build: Dual Shielded Premium Quality MP3 Cable with High Quality Polished Metal Connectors with 3.5mm (1/8 in) audio plugs. Quality sound: Seamlessly transmits stereo audio for high quality sound, while ensuring reliability and reducing signal loss and noise. Cable

              Product Description

              • 4.9Ft (1.5M) 3.5MM Male to male stereo Audio cable 
                Shielded with strain relief. Two 1/8 plugs. Easily connect a speaker system or microphone. Provides the solution needed to connect high performance systems

                Ideal for connecting to 
                - portable devices(such as smartphone,tablets and MP3 players) 
                - car stereos 
                - portable speakers or other 3.5mm-compatible device

                material & cable design 
                - each high qality cable is made with 3.5mm dual-shielding and corrosion-resistant connectors 
                -slim thin cable design tangle-resistant in bright-coloured orange

                Cable Length: 
                - 1.5Meter / 4.9FT PVC Cable

                Cable Type: 
                - PVC Cable 
                - Male to Male Stereo 3.5mm 
                - PVC Shell 

                Cable Features: 
                - Corrosion-resistant connectors 
                - Resistant against corrosion