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              3pcs Reused Mouldable Glue Card by sunshot Self-setting Plastick Rubber Supper Strong Malleable Plas

              Product Info:
              • Model
              • Price 9.99
              • Num 100
              Product Description :
              ● To use broadly: sunshot moldable card are great to make, fix or modifiy something in your life. such as making a button,hook,stands,props,masks,brackets,part and molds etc. Fixes a toy, repairs a broken pen, decorates a handiwork. creates miniature micro landscape. ● To use conveniently: just need some heat water (150 degrees F) for melting the card, Put the card into the hot water and wait abo

              Product Description

              Creating or fixing with Sunshot moldable card at anytime, anywhere! 

              How do I use the Sunshot moldable card? 
              Drop the card into some heat water(150 degrees F). Wait approximately two minutes for melting. Remove from the water and form into desired shape with your hands, tools molds or any other means necessary. Leave it to be cool. It takes about 2-3 minutes. It can be reheated over and over again & re-molded into any number of configurations. There is a using card in the package. 

              What is the lifespan of the Sunshot moldable card? 
              Due to the properties of Sunshot moldable card, it is reusable if you did not satisfy with your creation. just put it into some hot water and wait for 2 minutes for melting. Then you can remake or re-fix . 

              Description & Note: 
              ? Sunshot moldable card can be mixed to form different colors. 
              ? When the Sunshot moldable card hardens, it is as strong as nylon. 
              ? Sunshot moldable card is not suitable for using by children as it needs hot water. 
              ? when in situations of very hot or close to boiled water temperatures, please do not using Sunshot moldable card.